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Try the tested and powerful Spectrum Awakening!

Do these supplements work for your child? We want you to be the judge.


Every family deserves to try before they buy.

Especially since so many kids have sensitive palates, you need to experiment

mixing these into different foods or drinks to test if they'll take them on a regular basis.


 The main goal of a sample dose is to trial the taste.

Most families need an entire bottle to analyze the effect.

However, many children experience immediate positive effects with just one sample dose of Spectrum Awakening!


Our Free Samples contain a retail value of $5 worth of supplements, including:

B-Licious for MTHFR - 2 Chewables - take 1 in the morning.

Talk & Sleep Serotonin - 2 Chewables - take 1 before bed.

Cortisol-Thyroid Balance - 2 capsules - take 1 in the morning. Open cap and mix into food. (FYI - This product tastes salty)


Shipping & Handling charge is $3.95 to receive $5 in Free Supplements!

Try BEFORE You Buy.


(The picture above shows the bottles of which supplements are contained in the Free Samples.

The bottles of supplements are not included in the Free Sample.)

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Free Samples Shipping & Handling

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