Calm & Cool
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Supports Relaxed Mood

• Supports Inhibitory Neurotransmitter Functions

• Supports Neurotransmitter Balance and Neuronal Stabilization

• Addresses Brain Osmotic Regulation, Glial Cell Function, and Effective Neuronal Transmission


"He hasn't had a temper tantrum or outburst since we started and he sleeps through the night!"

- Sandy, Washington DC




How many times have we told our children to just Relax!

This powder combines naturally calming amino acids and inositol to support normal behavior and a Calm & Cool day and night.


This sweet tasting powder can be mixed into any food or drink.

Standard dosing is 1 scoop in the morning and

1 scoop before bed.

Consult your physician for their recommendation.

Scientific Research

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Calm & Cool

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