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AuRxTM is a revolutionary new medical food specially formulated to support the altered gut-brain imbalance found in many ASD patients.


AuRx Features:

• Stabilized Butyric Acid Complex

• Superior solubility, bioavailability, and maximum absorption

• Strategic SCFA delivery to the intestinal tract in single-molecule form

• Provides specific nutritional requirements for ASD patients with SCFA gut microbiome deficiencies

Mix 1-2 scoops into orange juice, lemonade, or apple sauce daily.

Consult your physician.


"T-Rex has been taking AuRx for a month now and we are really happy with the results. It's wiped out his aggressive and hyperactive behaviors"

Life With T-Rex and Autism  - Facebook Page

Butyric acid is a short chain fatty acid (SCFA) generated by enteric bacteria following fermentation of insoluble fiber and carbohydrates.  Insufficient SCFA production in the gut due to intestinal dysbiosis, stress, medications, and other factors can lead to numerous systemic imbalances.Emerging evidence suggests those with ASD often present with gastrointestinal and immune derangements, inflammation, oxidative stress, mitochondrial dysfunction, and a history of exposure to environmental toxicants.

SCFAs directly affect the host digestive tract via epigenetic modulation of ASD-associated genesand act as major energy substrates for colonocytes.

AuRxTM, a revolutionary new medical food, has been specially formulated to support the gut-brain immune imbalance. Now, thanks to Tesseract’s revolutionary delivery technology, an unpalatable, yet metabolically critical substance such as butyric acid, with all its documented health benefits, becomes a therapeutic reality.


AuRx is NOT a product of Spectrum Awakening. It is product of Tesseract Medical Researh.

Spectrum Awakening is a distributor of this AuRx product.

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