100 Natural Remedies For Your child

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Love, love, love this book! Oh how I wish I had found this earlier. I figured that like most books of this sort, there would be a hint of useful information, but nothing of too much substance. Not true!! There is a ton of highly informative information with DETAILS! I find that many info books for kids give you various items to try but nothing in the way of dosages or that sort of thing. This book is full of information on EXACTLY what to try. I really cannot say enough good about it.
By Kim on September 10, 2011
Honestly before I had children, I would laugh at the fact of using natural remedies. As a kid we just used the drugs suggested by the doctors. Now that I have two children of my own, I realize how important it is that we as parents be aware of exactly what is going into our childrens bodies. The drugs treat the symptoms of the problem but don't treat the problem. My son at 4 years old had constant bloody noses,sinus issues, tics and ADHD. After taking him to a ear, nose and throat specialist, a specialist in tourettes, and his regular pediatric doctor, there were no answers. I ordered a book about natural remedies and luckily know a friend of Dr. Skowron's. Together we discovered that my son, although he tested negative for Celiac Disease, has an extreme sensitivity to gluten and was lacking fish oil. As I read Dr. Skowron's "100 Natural Remedies for Your Child," I realize how much time and aggrevation could have been avoided. The book is an easy guide, telling you which test to have done for certain complaints and recommended foods that will treat a condition, suggested dosages of natural remedies, and much much more. Way to go Dr. Skowron for getting so much information in an reading guide. Thank you.
By Megan on September 8, 2011

I have been a mom for almost ten years, and each time my children have gotten sick, I always knew that there was more I could do for them - beyond the standard recommendations of their pediatricians - to help them feel better and recover more quickly. Doctor Skowron's book gives me the answers I have been looking for. This book is an easy-to-read and easy-to-follow recipe book for how to help your child feel and get better faster, safely, and naturally. For example, if your child has abdominal pain, you turn to the "Abdominal Pain" page and Dr. Skowron gives you possible explanations for the problem along with a chart containing safe and natural remedies and recommended dosages. This book is awesome - buy it!
By Eric A. Lucas on March 20, 2012

After every Doctor that we'd seen had little to offer beyond chemicals and prescriptions, we were still at a loss on how to cope with our little girl's extreme hives. Dr. Skowron's book helped us deal with her allergies a different way, and since trying some of his techniques successfully, we have been much more successful in treating our daughter's terrible itching and rashes. Further, we've also discovered new techniques to use against the many other adventures of raising children, from scratches to colds to flues.

This is truly an excellent book with great ideas that go FAR beyond just medicating your children into a chemical stupor.
By Daisy S HALL OF FAME TOP 50 REVIEWER on November 21, 2013

Very helpful book for home remedies! A Must Read Book For Parents! For me, I have found this book very helpful and I will share with you the reasons:

1) There are 100 remedies for a child’s symptoms and illnesses in this book and each remedy is so USEFUL and HELPFUL In my opinion this is a must have book for parents. In addition for me personally (an adult), I found this book has helped me in many areas!

2) This SUPERB book is written by a very knowledgeable and caring person. And I found his method of writing in a warm and comfortable conversation manner. This helped me to understand the ways to change my way of thinking for the better.

3) What I found the most helpful about this book: INDEX. Now I can go to the index and look up the subject of my choice and right to it! This is so handy.

4) This book is the most helpful remedy book that I read. May I also suggest that you be sure to read the part in the book on Micronutrients and Minerals. There you will find a chart of the least amount a child needs per day and the maximum amount as you want to be sure they get the correct amount of vitamins and minerals.
Also be sure to read #79 regarding how to treat Influenza, symptoms, etc. With the flu season upon us, this is a MUST READ and first!

Highly recommend this book!
By S. Davis on September 2, 2011

This book is long overdue. Since our son was 5, we've sought natural remedies for every day ailments. This book is so easy to read and understand; and more importantly, I have complete confidence in Dr. Skowron's knowledge and expertise. A must for every parent!

From treating ear-aches to strep throat, allergies, sleep issues, broken bones, weight gain/loss issues, and so on, this book really covers it all. It's proving to be a great supplement to the other books we're using to keep our baby healthy. I recommend 100 Remedies whole heartedly, especially for new parents. I know my wife is planning to give it up as a gift for a few baby showers she will be attending on the near horizon.

As a nurse and mother of 4 children I have to say this is one book every parent should have. It is full of excellent well researched advice that can help you keep your child healthy. I work in a clinic and when I brought my copy into work the docs and other nurses I work with asked me to keep it there at the clinic so we can use it as a reference tool. I would recommend this book to anyone with children or thinking of having a child . It belongs on everybody's book shelf
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100 Natural Remedies For Your child

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